Monday, September 1, 2008


Calculation of salary of TGTS

A.Basic Pay as on 1-1-2008(Your Basic Pay) 7075
B.A*1.86(7075*1.86) 13160
C.B+Grade Pay(4600For TGTS)(13160+4600) 17760
D.Fixation of pay as on 1.1.2006 (ie;C) 17760

Salary as on 1.1.2006 17760
increment on 1/7/2006 @ 3% 540
(Rounded off to multiple of ten)
Total as on 1/7/2006 18300
increment on 1/7/2007 @ 3% 550
Total as on 1/7/2007 18850
increment on 1/7/2008 @ 3% 570
Total as on 1/7/2008 19420

1.Gross Pay as on 1/7/2008 19420
2.Add:Dearness Allowance @16% 3110
3.Add:Travelling Allownace 800
4.Add:D/A on Travelling Allowance @16% 128

5.Total(1+2+3+4) 23458

The procedure for calculating the Salary of PGTs is also same as above.
The only difference is in the amount of Grade Pay.The grade pay of PGTs is 4800.

Therefore salary for the month of September 2008 will be Rs.23458/.


sankar said...

Is there any special residencial allawances for NVS staff. Yet there is no official orders. Whether we get the new salary by september.

JNVSTAFF said...

You are already getting a residential allowance of 10%
There are still more good news for you but please wait!

alive n kicking said...

what will be my joining gross salary as PGT ..i m to join nvs before 31st january 2013?

Pintu kumawat said...

When will NVS Recruitment 2018 notification released for TGT PGT Vacancies 2018.